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Lucas Lage. Designed around the world alone, thinking different!

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Lucas Lage: «Designed around the world alone, thinking different!»

© Text | Olga Kapkaeva (Nicole), translation | Marina Pishulina, photo | Igor Babkin

It was always interesting to Asians, how  the thinking of Europeans is arranged. The different mentality of the people forces to be surprised to ideas each other, to impart experience and adopt from it all the best. Some of us understands culture and a style of American life, someone, opposite - rejects any transatlantic trend. And nevertheless, among us there is no person who would not be interested in a creative of other thinking which is distinct from ours …
When we gathered for a meeting with the designer from Brazil Lukas de Olivejra Lage, we understood that this person such – unique, with other ideas not similar to ours and with other approach to business. But only after conversation with him, have really felt, how much differences between our representations about design…

Lukas, you the graphic designer of company BBDO Central Asia. But you are from Brazil – the countries where live champions of the football, coffee of elite grades and infinite serials … Why you have not chosen, the same football?
– Because I do not like to rush behind a ball and even to look football matches! I like to work with advertising, logos and animation. Still the child, I drew on album sheets, a cardboard and even doors. Also it is as though paradoxical did not sound, unlike the family, I do not go on stadium to support Brazilian teams, and I sit at the computer and I create something in Adobe Illustrator.

Means, you are not from a family of designers?
- Oh, no! My family is far from my hobby. My elder   brother is good in information technology, mother is engaged in physics, father is connected with the finance. Each of us has chosen the way absolutely not similar to a way of another. But thus we support aspirations of each other and we help in all.

Student’s style of work became individual…
Which university have you finished?
- I have finished two universities in Brazil. I has received the degree of the bachelor in 2005 at the university FUMEC of a city of Belo Horizonte. Degree of the master – in PUC-MG also in Brazil in 2008.

Why you have decided to work in Kazakhstan?
- It was the  first offer to work abroad which I have received on the magistracy termination. Student's society AIESEC has informed that BBDO Central Asia is ready to employ me as the graphic designer. I have accepted this invitation and I working here since October 2009!

Can you  already allocate distinctive features and features in work of local designers and Brazilian?
- The Brazilian design is more focused on the client, dialogue of the customer goes directly with the designer, instead of through the art director and other employees of the company. Now, in the basic weight of works I am connected with the international clients communication with which I support personally. It is necessary to note and work in the local market, after all it I’m going not only to use the Brazilian style of design, but also to consider the Asian mentality. Certainly, the whole these factors create favorable conditions for the work. My ideas are claimed, all possibilities for work are given and in the financial plan all suits me too.

Tell about the your style of work?
- It has appeared in me thanks to university. The educational style of work became for me in a consequence individual. The manner of the letter, the personal signature have been developed at the university. My style of work considerably differs from other styles. First of all, because I understand, if I will not differ from competitors my work will not be in general.

In Almaty as cold as on Chukotka!
Do you contact with our designers and whether support communication with Brazilian which on terms of the exchange and receptions of labor practice work as studies now in Kazakhstan?
- - I know a few people  from the  local designers. Except few  people working in our company. And what concerning foreigners I communicate with the colleague who comes from Brazil too and with one guy – from Colombia.  

What software you work with?
- As usual I work on Windows XP. Programs: InDesign, Photoshop … Basically works with iron and an other software are not present any features – we have the similar programs programs, but simply different thinking.

Do you have any awards for the achievements in the field of design?
- I have only five years practice, and it is not enough to reach something significant and to be rewarded for it. And still, I hope on the  brilliant future in which, certainly, I see many victories and awards.

Is there any complexities at work here?
- The most important difficulty is a dialogue which is very limited because of my ignorance of Russian. About wishes of the local customer I knew a lot from the art director of our company. Every day I learn Russian words, among the new: "segodnya", "vecherom", "Chukotka", "davay pokurim"…  

Sport is a life!
It was hard to acclimatize in the new country?
- Certainly, I understood that I go to other country with a life new to me, culture, weather. At I was ready to the worst, but everything is much easier! Kazakh people are very hospitable and kind people, city is very beautiful, the nature is amazing. But the weather for me is a real crash. As you know, there is no snow in Brazil, and it has passed a lot of time before I have got used to such cold. But now I find in it a lot of  advantages. For example, possibility to be engaged in winter kinds of sports, such as cross-countries, skating, mountaineering…

Did you visit Medeo?
- Yes, when I have heard for the first time about a high-mountainous skating rink I wanted to visit it. I don’t reach any results in skating, but I feel that I will shortly learn to stand tolerably on ice. Besides, I am going to be engaged in a snowboard and skiing and I’m planning to visit Chimbulak!

Do you go in for sports?
- In Brazil I was engaged in volleyball and gymnastics. I don’t really interest in football! And in Almaty I have a great interest in winter kinds of sport. When I will go home I will really miss for a snow and a winter drive…


The comment

We are glad that Lukas has accepted our invitation and hope for a helpful teamwork.
Why Brazil? We don’t  have designers? Yes we have and most of them are very talented. But our life and mention are very differences from the life abroad.
The basic experience  for us: to receive a different view on things habitual for us.

Juriy Kishenko, Lucas boss

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